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Cargo Transfer

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General cargo transshipment, handling and storage.

We have a transshipment, handling and storage center located in the city of El Alto, which allows us to handle more than 330,000 MT per year of solid and liquid cargo.
Cargo Transfer
Cargo Transfer
We provide the following services:

Bulk Cargo
  • Capacity of 150 MT per hour via mechanized system
  • Static capacity of 6,000 MT
Fractionated cargo (sacks, big bag, others)
  • 2,200 MT static capacity warehouse, with an area of 1,500 m2 roofed
Liquid cargo
  • Tanks with static capacity of 1,000 m3.
  • Transshipment line
  • Attention capacity of 170 m3 per hour
Storage in open space
  • Area of 4,000 m3.
Guaranteeing efficiency in operations, the transshipment center has weighing equipment certified by IBMETRO, heavy machinery for handling different loads, surveillance system and physical security twenty-four hours. As well as occupational health and safety conditions certified by the Labor Department.

Maintaining the continuous commitment that the company has with its stakeholders, we also provide parking areas, cafeteria service and hygienic services (showers and urinals) for the users of our facilities.

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Our offices

  • Santa Cruz
    Edif. Torres Dúo N ° 4200, piso 10, off. 10-C. 4to anillo - Equipetrol Norte

    Phone: (591-3)-3888114
    Fax:(591-3) 3888114 Int. 111
  • La Paz
    Edif. Centro Empresarial Calacoto N ° 8232, piso 4, salida 402. Calle 22 - Calacoto

    Phone: (591-2)-2126404
    Fax:(591-2) 2774861
  • El Alto
    Av. Estructurante N ° 1550, Carretera a Viacha km 7 - Barrio Lindo

    Phone: (591) 7200751 – 72003114