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We are the leading company in the integration of logistic chain for Bolivian foreign trade

Distances to our ports

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About us

We have more than 21 years of experience, integrating efficiently, reliably and safely Bolivian imports and exports of massive volume, allowing us to achieve strategic alliances with the main foreign trade players (ports, shipping companies, transport companies, customs clearance agencies among others), providing personalized services for all cargo types.

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Our offices

  • Santa Cruz
    Edif. Torres Dúo N ° 4200, piso 10, off. 10-C. 4to anillo - Equipetrol Norte

    Phone: (591-3)-3888114
    Fax:(591-3) 3888114 Int. 111
  • La Paz
    Edif. Centro Empresarial Calacoto N ° 8232, piso 4, salida 402. Calle 22 - Calacoto

    Phone: (591-2)-2126404
    Fax:(591-2) 2774861
  • El Alto
    Av. Estructurante N ° 1550, Carretera a Viacha km 7 - Barrio Lindo

    Phone: (591) 7200751 – 72003114